The Answer to Sustained Fitness for Non-Exercisers is here!

The answer to sustained fitness for non-exercisers is here!
If you do not exercise regularly, there is an exciting new option in fitness that will help get you on track. The health benefits of regular exercise are indisputable, yet only 15% of the population actually do it enough to reap the benefits! If you are in the 85% who know you should, but have not; there is an answer for you. It is called “small group fitness coaching” which involves a group of four exercising under the guidance of a coach.
Small group fitness coaching offers the benefits of both personal training (but more affordable) and exercise classes (without the “one size fits all”). This approach solves many of the barriers that have prevented people from exercising.
1) Exercise is boring: Small group coaching allows you to modify and change each session based on your interests as well as your fitness partners.
2) Exercise is expensive: The fees for a coach are more affordable than a personal trainer when you split the cost with 3 other participants.
3) I don’t want to get hurt: In a small group you receive more personalized instruction and the routine is tailored to your level of fitness. You can’t get lost in the back of the class!
4) I don’t feel like exercising today: Research shows that members of a small group program are more likely to stick with their routine than individuals or large class participants. Being accountable to your fellow group members keeps you going.
5) I am too out of shape: The small group coach can specifically modify each session to allow you to progress.
6) I can’t lose weight: Routines can be adjusted to boost your metabolism. This is possible since you have access to all types of fitness equipment each session.
7) I just don’t like to sweat: No problem, some fitness coaching can be done in the pool or can be effectively toned down to your level of comfort.
Sounds great? It is! Small group fitness coaching involves a certified professional who meets with a group (typically 4 people) who are friends or participants with similar levels of fitness, who will quickly become friends! Each session is scheduled like any other appointment in your life. The session is usually 45 – 60 minutes in duration and can be experiences in a fitness room using cardio and strengthening equipment, or in a group fitness room using a variety of options such as elastics, fitness balls, balance mounds, etc. Sessions can be in a pool which is ideal for those with arthritis or back issues. Yoga and stretching can be part of the routine as well. The format may involve a circuit workout where each person is doing a different movement with modifications as needed or sometimes interval exercises are incorporated. Some may prefer a sport specific routine such as golf or ski training. The options are endless, thus allowing fun innovative routines that keep you wanting to return for more!
When individuals exercise in a small group they try harder and stay accountable.
Invite a few of your friends to join you and try it out this New Year! Chatham Health & Swim Club will be offering this unique form of exercise as part of their “Weigh to Better Health” team fitness and weight loss program. It will start Friday, Jan. 8th. Come to a FREE INFO SESSION on Sat. Jan. 2 at 11 am to learn more.

Carol Penfield MS NPc will be instructing and/or supervising the groups to insure safe and age-specific instruction.
Call Chatham Health & Swim Club to reserve. 508-945-3555
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