Live Longer, Feel Healthier!

Live Longer, Feel Healthier!
A new approach to health care has proven successful in Chatham.
This past year, 46 people have participated in the Complete Health Improvement program known as “C.H.I.P”. The program, developed by the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, has a well-established international success rate with over 65,000 satisfied patients. The experience in Chatham showed remarkable and measurable improvements in the participant’s health.
The participants set personalized achievable health goals which most of them were able to reach or surpass by the completion of the program. A majority of the participants lost weight (up to 30 pounds in 12 weeks) without having to diet or feel hungry. Many were able to lower their cholesterol and lipids by 30% without medications. One cardiac patient went from having chest pain while walking to his mailbox to being able to walk 1-mile pain-free. For some, blood pressures returned to normal ranges as well as blood sugar levels for those pre-diabetic. In addition, all participants felt happier, healthier and had more energy.
What is the C.H.I.P program? It involves a comprehensive approach to establishing new healthy behaviors that are sustainable. This includes dietary changes, reasonable amounts of exercise and improved response to stress. The program includes a medical evaluation and lab testing in order to monitor outcomes. Each class introduces evidence-based research on nutrition, fitness and proven techniques to help you achieve healthy outcomes. Nurse Practitioner, Carol Penfield M.S., has become certified and licensed by the Lifestyle Medicine Institute to teach the course and will be offering new enrollments for the October 2015 program.
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