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A comprehensive health improvement program is coming to Chatham.

Have you been told by your medical provider to “lose weight”, “exercise more”, “drink less alcohol” or make other therapeutic lifestyle changes? Often an individual is given 6 months to make changes before returning to their medical office for a new medication or an increase of an existing medication. The expense orstigma of taking pills lead many to seek alternative approaches. Where does one go for help? Information provided on the internet is where many turn to first. Unfortunately, these sources are often biased, trying to sell you trendy products and supplements and based on pseudo-science. It is difficult to obtain evidence-based information. Medical research spends only 3.4% of their funding on nutritional studies annually but the majority is focused on revenue producing supplements. The food industry is interested in wealth rather than health. So what IS a healthy diet? Despite the sea of information it is hard to sort out what foods to eat, and if supplements help at all.

One answer is a program led by Nurse Practitioner Carol Penfield that can provide you with sound medical and behavioral advice to guide you to weight loss and a healthier you! It is the Complete Health Improvement Program called “C.H.I.P.” which has helped over 65,000 people during the past 25 years. The CHIP medical and nutrition experts continuously review medical studies and sort through evidence-based literature in order to provide sound information that is easy to understand and follow. It is a comprehensive program that leads to lifelong change and may be covered by your insurance.

Learn more about the CHIP program at the following

FREE information session open to the public:
Sat. Jan. 3rd at 11am.
Only at the Chatham Health & Swim Club.

The CHIP program is a safe and successful opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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