Big losses show bigger gains in no time at all!

Improving your health is not just about weight loss.  Too often healthy habits are abandoned without the acknowledgment of other hidden improvements.  How do you measure success?  The scale never seems to show changes fast enough.  What about your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar or other disease risk factors?  Weight loss is visual and you are reminded daily of that number, however,  other health markers can change and have a greater impact on quality of life, but go unnoticed.

With the healthcare costs rising and decreasing reimbursed services, we must shift our focus to ways to improve our health without medication. Caring for your health IS healthcare.

What better place but at a HEALTH club?  Not a gym, but a true health club.  Chatham Health & Swim Club has helped participants not only lose over 2,600 pounds, but make incredible health improvements in other ways. It can be done in just 6 weeks!

For example: GW, a diabetic, enrolled in the annual weight loss challenge at Chatham Health and Swim Club.  After 6 weeks her blood work showed:

Total Cholesterol: decreased from 318 to 243

Triglycerides: decreased from 374 to 178

HDL (good cholesterol):  increased from 38 to 40

LDL (bad cholesterol): decreased from 205 to 167

Glycohemoglobin A1c (blood sugar measurement): decreased from 9.8 to 7.7 

But of note, she was able to accomplish these impressive results without a significant weight change!

Weight loss should not be your only guide.  Too often failure to lose weight causes people to abandon healthy life-style changes such as eating more vegetables, exercising regularly, etc. 

Other examples;

DB, after 6 weeks of specialized programs, showed a 3.5% decrease in body fat even with minimal change in weight.

PK, a diabetic, lowered his blood sugar into normal range and decreased his diabetes medication.   He also lost 18.6 pounds.

This year the weight loss and health improvement program directed by Carol Penfield, M.S., Nurse Practitioner, will also specifically address blood pressure.

Since 3 out of 4 people over age 60 have high blood pressure, this year’s weight loss challenge will add the focus of not just weight reduction, but also decreasing blood pressure. Other optional tracts will include cholesterol and blood sugar lowering with the goal of decreasing the need for medications.

It does not have to be overwhelming, just simple changes can make a significant impact.  According to the NIH’s review of all studies, lowering blood pressure by just 5 mm Hgs (diastolic/lower number) reduces risk for stroke by 34% and ischemic heart disease by 21%!

The focus is not just about dieting, but about making healthy changes with proper support for long lasting results. What you do day to day greatly affects your health status.  Too often we wait until we have a problem with our health before we start addressing our lifestyle.

You CAN take charge of your health in 2014. It only takes 6 weeks!  Learn more about Chatham Health & Swim Club’s successful programs at a FREE info session, Sat., Jan.  4th, 11am – 12pm.  Start date is Mon. Jan. 6th, 2014.

Or contact Carol Penfield at:

She is also available for medical consultations and accepts most insurances.