Postural Excercises for Gardening

The above series is an example of one of Carol’s favorite postural excercises that will help gardeners.

Excercise #1: Stand tall, abs in, chin in, shoulders relaxed.

Excercise #2: Extend arms out in front, pull elbows back (lifted at shoulder height) and squeeze shoulder blades together.

Excercise #3: Rotate the arms up and reach back. (like you are being held up at the bank).

Excercise #4: Slowly lower elbows down and back (toward your “back pockets”).
Repeat 10 times slowly.

As we all know, gardeners also tend to stoop and kneel for prolonged periods of time, which can lead to back and knee pain. Postural excercises coupled with joint saving techniques can be practiced to help you enjoy gardening for longer periods of time.

A 30 minute consultation with Carol Penfield is recommended for further instruction. She can guide you with correct technique and modifications for your specific needs to help you continue to enjoy gardening comfortably!

Interested in more information?

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