Too Busy


Busy lifestyles have contributed to keeping Americans from exercising for health benefits. The common perception is that most feel “too busy” to commit time to an exercise regime and therefore do nothing.
Research has been able to demonstrate that episodic 10-minute bouts of exercise can help you feel better. It can contribute to weight loss, mood elevation, heart health, and lower triglycerides.
According to the national weight loss register, dieters who exercise for 10 minutes four times a day lost as much weight as those who exercised daily for a continuous 40 minutes. That is exciting news for people who have pain or medical conditions that limit the amount of time that they can exercise.
Psychology researchers have shown that people with depression experience the same amount of mood elevation after 10 minutes of exercise as those who exercise for 20 or 30 sustained minutes. Just a quick 10-minute brisk walk can be a help to those struggling with lack of motivation due to depression. The release of the “feel good” chemicals in the body called endorphins can occur in a short period of time.
The cardiac literature also has shown that interval exercise helps strengthen the heart. Most exercisers perform their endurance exercise at a steady pace. However, people who exercised at varying intensities for 10-minute episodes showed to have additional benefit. More recently, a study at the University of Missouri showed that three 10-minute workouts daily were more effective at lowering triglyceride levels than 30 minutes of uninterrupted activity.
For people with arthritis or orthopedic problems, just ten minutes on a stationary bike can help loosen up the knees, and a few stretches in bed prior to arising can decrease morning stiffness and back pain. Ten minutes of movement each hour during prolonged car ride, flights or meetings can ward off aches and stiffness.
For the maximum health benefit, it is suggested that an individual’s exercise regime should include both short and long workouts. So for those who are too busy, consider periodic 10-minute workouts and reap the benefits.